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All Directory listings are ordered (high to low) on a point system that rewards site owners for their site review, link exchange and referral activities.

Points are awarded based on the following:

Link Exchange Points
You request a link exchange.1pt
Your link exchange request is accepted.1pt
You accept a link exchange request1pt
Referral Points
You refer someone via our referral form1pt
Your referral visits our site.1pt
Your referral joins SiteAchieve2pt
Site Review Points
You submit a site review.1pt

Our proprietary tracking system tracks each of the above events, and you can view your totals at any time by logging into the site and clicking on "My Account".

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""Since adding my site to Site Achieve, I find that I've been receiving more traffic and my site has been more active than before. I highly recommend it to all new and old webmasters, looking to attract more traffic to their sites. Good luck to all!""

Michael RD
GTA Chronicles

"Very good site, I have received a lot of link exchange from this site. Thanks!"

Nguyen Khoa
Adventure Vietnam Tours

"SiteArchieve is a great way to increase organic traffic. The best part is that it's all for free and easy to use system. I glad that I found SiteArchieve and would definitely recommend it to any webmaster. Thanks SiteArchieve."

Thai Nguyen
y8 Flash Games

"We have in excess of 300 products, including rattan accessories, Aromatherapy accessories(reed diffuser), Paulownia vase, Tea Ceremony and Zen Buddhism products. All products are based on 100% pure plant and environmentally friendly Handcrafts."

edward tan
Czenyu Natural Furnishings

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