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Q: I signed up but don't see my listing in the directory?

A: Your account must first be activated for your listing to be displayed in our directory. You can activate your account by simply logging in with your username and password at

Q: How do I retrieve a lost password?

A: To retrieve your password use the lost password form.

Q: How long does it take to see results?

A: Building your website traffic takes time, and depends a great deal upon the effort you put into optimizing your webpages and securing inbound links (from other sites). While on-page optimization techniques are very important, the fastest way to increase your website traffic (completely Free) is to begin and sustain a link building campaign.

Q: How are sites ranked in the Link Exchange Directory?

A: Directory ranking details can be found on the Ranking System page.

Q: Can I register more than one site? How? How many?

A: Yes you can, for now you'll need to register each one separately as a new account. They must be separate distinguishable sites of differing content. Use the same email, different password so we can tie them together in the future.

Q: How can I contact another SiteAchieve member directly?

A: You can click on their URL in the Members Directory and go directly to their website for contact information. We do not disclose the e-mail address of our members.

Q: How do I change my registration and/or directory listing information?

A: After logging into, click on "My Account", the click on "Update".

Q: Why can't I request link exchanges between sites I own?

A: You cannot request link exchanges between sites owned by you. It is assumed that as the owner you can implement link exchanges between your sites. In addition, allowing this would open the ranking system up to abuse.

Q: Why don't I get Link Directory points when I use my own SiteAchieve referral URL?

A: Your SiteAchieve referral URL contains your unique member ID, and is for referring someone other than yourself. In addition, allowing this would open the ranking system up to abuse.

Q: How do I cancel my registration?

A: To cancel you registration use the account cancellation form.

Q: My account has been deactivated. How to I reactivate my account?

A: To submit a reactivation request use the reactivation request form.

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