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Expert Web Site Optimization Advice
Stephen Scott is a proven Digital Marketing Expert with over 20 years of computer programming and business development experience. Since 1996 Stephen has focused his time and efforts on the Internet as a technology developer, entrepreneur, business executive.

Stephen has clearly established himself as a true website development expert. That's why several Fortune 1000 companies have trusted his insight and judgement in developing website development solutions.

Expert Author - Search Engine Optimization

Stephen is recognized as a leading SEO expert and has published several articles on website optimization. He is currently featured on EzineArticles.com where he has earned the prestigious title of 'Expert Author'.

Internet Marketing & Technology Experience

  • Website Design, Functionality & Architecture
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Social Media Development (ie. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter)
  • Website Analytics & Performance Validation
  • HTML, CSS, Linux, Perl, PHP & JavaScript Programming
  • MYSQL Database Design, Implementation & Management
  • Apache Server Build, Implementation & Management

LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/digitalexec


"Very good and efficient website----it does what it says it will do"

Susan James
Susan Anne Luxury Cards

"I have had people to share with me how they enjoyed viewing my site and that I was a very talented artist and they liked my website. Some did not like the black background but others did. Ruth"

Ruth43 Housley
Fine Art America

"Hello, As an It semi-illiterate I need all the help I can get.I like to find testable ways to try things and your site offers a minimum hype way of dealing with things.Website reviews and linkexchanges with peers is a very good way to learn.Thank-you"

brigitte hutchings
pure natural deodorant

"We have in excess of 300 products, including rattan accessories, Aromatherapy accessories(reed diffuser), Paulownia vase, Tea Ceremony and Zen Buddhism products. All products are based on 100% pure plant and environmentally friendly Handcrafts."

edward tan
Czenyu Natural Furnishings

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